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What is the definition of a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network, or, VPN, is a method of connecting to the internet via an encrypted network server for the sake of privacy and security. A Virtual Private Network hides your online activity from your own Internet Service Provider, or, ISP, schools, your place of business, or even the government. Through the use of a VPN, you are able to bypass proxies, download files, visit websites abroad, connect, communicate, and stream content safely and anonymously.

In addition, a VPN also hides your Internet Protocol address, or, IP address, which can otherwise identify your computer by a unique string of numbers that are used to identify each individual computer. It is akin to a zip code for computers. However, by using a VPN, that “zip code” will constantly change.

How do I change my location on Google?

Google has a very commonly used feature known as local search results. These are results that will appear for your search that align with your physical location. To bypass this function, use the URL “isearchfrom.com”. This is a developer’s tool that is most commonly used for testing Google ads in association with Google AdWords. This tools essentially allows you to mask your location and manually add a location to search from. IT also allows you to choose the device type you are using for extra customizability in regards to the search results. This URL and a VPN provides total control, anonymity, and security from where ever you are.

Can I use a VPN for Skype?

Microsoft developed Skype as a video chat tool for use by individuals and businesses. It is used by people to connect anywhere in the world. It offers messaging, audio-only calls, but it is widely known for high-quality video chats. Skype is used for personal and business purposes and is a global brand. This is why it is so vulnerable. Brands of global importance, meaning it is used by so many people, are targets by hackers. This makes its users vulnerable to attack. Since Skype works through an internet connection, a VPN can eliminate the vulnerability that accompanies this connection, allowing you to make calls and video chat with confidence knowing that your connection is safe from attack. Further, your communications will not be able to be tracked, leaving your location untraceable. With our service, you can communicate freely, privately, and without worry.

Should I use a VPN to download torrents?

Torrent downloads are notoriously accompanied by malware. A VPN can negate this threat, essentially granting you unfettered access to the torrents you love without the worry of computer viruses that can steal or corrupt your computers data. Some of the most popular sites are uTorrent and BitTorrent. People can download everything from their favorite music, TV shows, movies, applications, software and much more. However, these items can easily include malware, a trojan horse, or other hard to detect computer viruses.

In addition, torrent sites can also be monitored, and your activity tracked. You deserve to be able to use a website in anonymity, and your downloads to be safe and secure. This is our number one priority: To keep your activity online safe and private. And when you use our service, this is exactly what you will get.

Is a VPN good for online streaming?

Much akin to torrents, when you are opening up your network for connection sharing with any other device, you are always leaving yourself open to hackers hijacking this connection. They can then steal or corrupt your information, track your whereabouts, or identify your activity. Using our VPN service will ensure your connections are private and safe, preventing your location to be tracked and your connection to remain stable, safe, and secure.

In addition to safety and security, using a VPN service will also bypass country restrictions, allowing greater access to streaming libraries that you would not normally have access to. A VPN bypasses these restrictions by showing these streaming servers that you are in that country, thus, unlocking any restriction features centered on location.

What do you mean by censorship and how does it affect me?

Censorship is the suppression and restriction of access to information. This is usually done in accordance with morality, political agendas, or other reasons. This is usually perpetrated by government powers or law enforcement, but can also be done by learning institutions for thought control and workplace firewalls in accordance with policy. Whatever the reason, censorship is prevalent in today’s society in the U.S.A. and countries all over the world. Censorship is now prevalent throughout social media, as platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are now deleting posts, Tweets, and videos that contain thoughts or ideas they deem offensive.

Censorship is generally used to control the opinions of the general public. By removing information that may show a different perspective or actions that are contrary to a given narrative, those in control are able to extinguish independent reasoning and decision making. A VPN can eliminate censorship because censorship is usually region based. By appearing as though you are in other countries, you will be privy to information that was expunged from search results in your region. In addition, you are able to browse areas of the internet you were not able to before, granting you access to information that was removed by social platforms and mainstream search engines.

How do I change the device location on my iPhone?

One of the most prominent features of the iPhone, is what’s known as GPS tracking. It is touted as a safety feature, as the location of your phone can be texted to a friend’s phone in the event that yours is lost. This function further supports your apps in order to track your workout sessions, keep you updated and informed about your weather, traffic conditions, navigation, and more. It also geotags your photos for enhanced social sharing. However, most people don’t want their phone to have this much power to track or store their whereabouts and real-world activity. Another downfall is that location features can also limit website access.

To gain back your control and privacy, you can perform something known as a “Jailbreak” on your iPhone. This is a process that simply installs software on your iPhone that essentially opens up your phones operating system, allowing you to make alterations to the way it functions. Many people perform this process to gain greater access to locked or restricted content. Although be warned, doing this does void your warranty.

As for your location, after you jailbreak your phone, you will be able to download apps that “fake” your location.

What is a proxy server, and can they help me?

A proxy server hides your IP address and routes your communications through a security system that keeps your information, both sent and received, confidential. A proxy server is a web-based service, as well.

Now, this may sound good and well, but there are a few critical issues a proxy server does not address. For one, your connections may be confidential, but they are not necessarily safe from malware or hacking. In addition, since it is web-based, it is only good for web browsing and does not apply to apps or other software. Access can still be restricted, as well, as many websites have software of their own that prevents use by proxy servers.

Proxy servers also search your browsers history for caching, which they use to run certain sites you’ve visited in the past faster. However, this also leads to a security risk.